Marine Collagen - Sport Tendons, Muscles & Cartilage

Natural marine collagen powder + natural vitamin C + magnesium

Include in your exercise diet, pre/post workout, bodybuilding and weight loss

Marine collagène + vitamin C + magnesium, boosting sport and performance

  • Highly bioavailable enzymatically hydrolysed marine collagen peptides (=100% protein), dosed at 10 g / day, created via a sustainable development strategy, rigorous manufacturing standards, Made-in-France
  • Magnesium, reduces fatigue and helps to promote normal muscle function
  • Natural vitamin C (acerola juice) possesses regenerating, protective properties that work in synergy


  • Dose: 11g = 2 tablespoons per day > 1 jar for 30 days
  • 2-, 3-month course of treatment (2 or 3 jars) to be repeated if necessary
  • Neutral flavour, 340g jar - 100% recyclable packaging

Indications :

  • Normal function of cartilage and tendons
  • Normal function of the immune system
  • Normal muscle function

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It improves training and allows recovery after sport.

Collagen is a major constituent of all connective tissues, particularly involved during exercise. It is involved in joint mobility, muscle strength (reinforcement of deep supporting and protective muscles, and superficial muscles), elasticity and resistance of tissues, thus avoiding injuries (tendonitis, pubalgia, etc.)

A pure, made-in-France, essential ingredient with a neutral taste to help boost and maintain the natural synthesis of collagen fibres

Collagen was naturally consumed long ago by our ancestors, whose diet had a higher animal collagen content (skin, cartilage and bones). Collagen is compatible with a paleo- friendly diet.

Traditionally used in Japan, where it is known to be particularly biocompatible or bioactive, as well as ensuring good bioavailability

  • It consists of proteins in the form of hydrolysed peptides (enzymatic hydrolysis) from bioactive natural marine collagen developed using a sustainable developmental strategy
  • Molecular weight less than 4 kilodaltons (kDa). It is a low molecular weight, optimised for maximum assimilation and better biological efficiency (bio-active peptides). In comparison, collagen before hydrolysis has a molecular weight of 300 kDa
  • Particularly rich in the amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which are involved in collagen synthesis and connective tissue regeneration
  • Also rich in glutamine, which contributes to the acid-base balance and repair of intestinal cells, and therefore supports the immune system
  • GMO free - Fat free - Carbohydrate and sugar free - Preservative free
  • No ionisation treatment - No radioactivity
  • Strict manufacturing standards - Quality in accordance with ISO 9001 - ISO 22000
  • Halal certification
  • 100% fish origin: no risk of BSE for bovine collagen, no risk of avian flu for chicken collagen
  • Peptides are derived from natural collagen, which is cut into smaller pieces (enzymatic hydrolysis) which are easier to digest
  • Neutral taste, add to water, yoghurt or cottage cheese
  • Its neutral taste allows you to use it as an ingredient of choice in your recipes and home-made snacks, or simply integrate it into existing preparations (drinks, smoothies, yoghurt, puddings, compote...)
  • It is particularly suitable when collagen protein intake is insufficient and/or needs are increased: advanced age, convalescence, sports practice... To (re)find the normal function of tendons and cartilages.
  • It is also suitable for (re)finding intestinal comfort.

Points to note:

  • Collagen is naturally present in the body (muscles, skin, bones, tendons, cartilage, hair, nails, etc.) and plays a major role in providing support and/or increasing elasticity.
  • From the age of 25, collagen production in humans decreases by 1.5% per year.
  • From the age of 45, the body produces about 1/3 less collagen, resulting in reduced tissue tone (joints, muscles, skin, etc.), loss of mobility and loss of the overall "youthful" appearance.
  • Current diets – which are often unbalanced with over-emphasis on ready meals and lean meat without bones or cartilage – leads to lower external collagen consumption.
  • An additional supply of bioactive collagen - rich in key amino acids that make up type I collagen - helps to stimulate and restart the body's own collagen metabolism. In joint cartilage, the hydrolysed peptides contained in our marine collagen also stimulate chondrocyte production - cells that are involved in type II collagen synthesis.

Studies and scientific evidence:

  • A supplementation of 10g/day of bioactive fish collagen peptides was performed for 12 to 14 weeks.
  • Significant results were observed as early as 6 weeks on various functions.
  • INTESTINAL COMFORT: finally, studies have shown anti-inflammatory activities and positive effects on the composition of the intestinal microbiota, for better protection in the event of chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the colon and rectum, and for better integrity of the intestine - in particular linked to the richness of the amino acid Glutamine - and better intestinal comfort, and consequently to support for the immune system.
  • PRE/POST- WORKOUT: overall, the literature and certain scientific studies have shown the interest of marine collagen peptides in :
    > muscle building (collagen is a major constituent of muscle)
    > the protection of joint and connective tissues
    > improving athletic performance
    > protection of the skin against environmental aggression (cold, chlorine, etc.)
    > protection against oxidation and inflammation
    > the satiety effect.
  • WEIGHT CONTROL: Further studies have shown that supplementation with collagen peptides over a minimum of 12 weeks helps to limit weight gain and mainly fat mass. In fact, it also helps to limit associated health problems such as cholesterol, insulin resistance and high blood sugar, as well as inflammation markers such as cytokines.
  • IMMUNITY AND INFLAMMATION: recent studies have shown that marine collagen peptides also play a major role in modulating the expression of various immune factors: reduction of pro-inflammatory factors (such as IL1ß), increase of anti-inflammatory factors (such as IL10 and TGFß). Thus a cure of pure marine collagen helps to reduce inflammation in general and contributes to strengthening our defence systems to maintain good health.

Collagen therefore has a major role in the prevention of sports-related risks, but also in intestinal well-being and general health and anti-ageing.



Magnesium is a mineral salt that plays a major role in numerous intra-cellular enzymatic reactions. It is involved in the neuromuscular transmission of nerve impulses. It is often considered as a natural "anti-stress" agent.

Magnesium deficiencies are common: fatigue, irritability, eyelid tremor, anxiety and night cramps, etc. They are due to poor diet, alcohol abuse, chronic stress, poorly controlled diabetes, excessive or chronic vomiting and/or diarrhoea (which can occur in some athletes).

The main sources of magnesium are green vegetables, wholegrain cereals, oil fruits (especially walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, etc.)

In terms of EXERCISE, its major functions are as follows:

  • Helps to reduce fatigue
  • Helps to promote normal muscle function



It also plays an important role in the metabolism and normal function of the body through various biochemical reactions and collagen synthesis in particular!

Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) is a major vitamin found in fruits and vegetables. The human body cannot synthesise vitamin C and the only way we can get an adequate supply is through food. It is sensitive to cooking and to air. It is therefore important to eat fresh fruit and vegetables quickly to make the most of their vitamin C content.

It mainly helps to reduce fatigue, combat oxidation and cell ageing, and strengthen the immune system.

This is why we have selected acerola powder, a fruit particularly rich in natural vitamin C.

Its major functions for SPORT are:

  • Helps to promote normal collagen formation to ensure the normal function of cartilage and tendons
  • Helps to protect cells against oxidative stress.


Protein helps to build and maintain muscle mass.
Protein helps to maintain normal bone structure.
They are also a long-lasting source of energy.

It is a MAJOR NUTRITION for our vitality!

1 dose / day = 11 g = 2 tablespoons =

  • 10g of collagen proteins in the form of hydrolysed peptides with rapid and complete assimilation
  • 95 mg magnesium (reduces fatigue and contributes to normal muscle function)
  • 60 mg vitamin C (in the form of acerola juice for a synergistic action that regenerates collagen and protects)


For best results, consume 1 dose per day, at breakfast or before dinner.

2-, 3-month course of treatment (2 or 3 jars) to be repeated if necessary.

And for maximum effectiveness we advise you to use in combination with other products:

  • or 1 dose of COLLAGEN SPORT (i.e. 10g) + 1 dose of ELIXIR PUR whey protein or  PROTEINE NATIVE BOOSTER whey powder


1 dose (= 11 g = 2 tablespoons) per day, at breakfast, after training, or before dinner (take care with vitamin C before bedtime), added to 

  • water or preferably a fruit or vegetable drink or smoothie, soup
  • or yoghurt, cottage cheese or vegetable dessert
  • a home-made biscuit or bar

N.B. Can be taken in 2 doses (½ dose = 5.5g = 1 level tablespoon)


  • 1 dose of SPORT Marine Collagen
  • 1 banana or 2 kiwis
  • 4 walnuts + 25 g grated coconut + 1 tbsp almond puree
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons of water
  • Gently mix the fruit with the nuts, the almond puree, the portion of Marine Collagen Sport and 1 tablespoon of water. At the end of the blending, add the grated coconut.
  • Adjust the water if necessary depending on the consistency. Mix well.


Collagen is not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet. Use as part of a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of young children. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. Seek medical advice before using this product if you have kidney failure. Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light.

Preparation based on hydrolysed marine collagen, enriched with vitamin C and source of magnesium.

  • For approximately 30 doses

INGREDIENTS : hydrolysed fish collagen 91%, acerola (Malpighia glabra) juice powder titrated in vitamin C, magnesium citrate, anti-caking agent: magnesium carbonate.

May contain traces of milk, soya, egg, gluten.

Data sheet

Objective(s)Muscle definition
Objective(s)Muscles and bones
CriteriaNo added sugar
CriteriaLow lactose
CriteriaNo artificial sweeteners
Time(s) of consumptionBreakfast
Time(s) of consumptionAround the sport
Time(s) of consumptionSnacks

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    Very good product, effective for my tendon problem (Translated review)

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    Product ok (Translated review)

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    very easy to use dissolves very well and its neutral taste allows to put it in various liquids (Translated review)

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    I feel good (Translated review)

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    Product that mixes well and neutral taste. I think effective for the protection of tendons and muscles of a sportsman (Translated review)

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    Indispensable product for me as a 59 year old (Translated review)

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    superb product articulation much better muscle damage for years during my activity in the building I rebuild pain decrease by 50% with your product its wonderful I strongly recommend the collagen Marine (Translated review)

  • 5

    I have been using this collagen for one year and I have noticed a notable relief of the pain in my two knees that their total prostheses had not completely eliminated. Gaston, 88 years old. (Translated review)

  • 5

    My husband and son eat it and ask for more! (Translated review)

  • 5

    Very effective, I felt the positive effects after a week and a half. The little minus, a measuring spoon would be great in addition (Translated review)

Advanced features

  • Joints
  • Muscle definition
  • Sport
  • Muscles and bones
  • No added sugar
  • Low lactose
  • Proteins
  • No artificial sweeteners
Time(s) of consumption
  • Breakfast
  • Around the sport
  • Snacks