Pure marine Collagen - Universal premium

Ingredient 100% natural marine collagen powder ,

33,90 €
Marine Collagen - Skin & Anti-aging

Natural marine collagen + hyaluronic acid +

40,90 €
Joints PLUS - Reinforced formula

Formule renforcée pour articulations - Phase

40,90 €
COLLAGEN Protein Bar - chocolate & hazelnut flavour

Protein Collagen bar 12g of protein including

12,90 €
Marine collagen - SLEEP + Zen & Serenity

Marine collagen + plant melatonin + 5-HTP + vit.

41,90 €

Nuviline for a healthy and sporty diet

Improving your quality of life starts with good nutrition.
The Nuviline range offers you superfoods and food supplements to help you achieve your slimming, sports and health objectives.
Through 3 ranges, Nuviline meets all your needs in terms of covering your nutritional requirements and prevention

Nuvifood, healthy food & super foods

Healthy eating thanks to natural or "greens" superfoods and super snacks for daily balance such as our vegan bars or crackers. Discover also our ranges based on organic spirulina...
This range offers food supplements for vegans, without deficiencies and in particular vegetable proteins, such as pea protein or pumpkin seed protein.

Nuvifit, weight and sports performance

Weight loss, food rebalancing

This range helps you to (re)find your ideal weight thanks to products rich in proteins and low in sugars such as protein bars or drinks, slimming meal replacements, or natural appetite suppressants based on konjac.

Sports nutrition

In order to perform well, in addition to good training, good nutrition is essential.
Whether it's to prepare for a trail run or to recover from a weight training session, our protein drinks or bars will be an undeniable asset. Discover in particular our products based on marine collagen or "native" undenatured whey proteins.

Nuvilife, health nutrition, « premium » ingredients

Functional foods to regenerate your joints, strengthen your muscles and bones, improve your digestive comfort and your immunity via products such as whey proteins.
A flagship product is our marine collagen in the form of highly assimilable hydrolysed peptides, which many of our customers praise for its ability to significantly boost the body's natural collagen production.

Our functional foods specifically target muscle, bone or joint strengthening, for example via Marine Collagen.
They help you fight against pain, inflammation, fatigue or stress...

Nuvibeauty, nutri-cosmetics, beauty and anti-ageing

Intelligent" and natural nutritional and micro-nutritional solutions, which provide benefits from the inside that are visible on the outside.
Food supplements based on proteins or "premium" and specific ingredients such as marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. In response to functional disorders to fight against the appearance of wrinkles, loss of skin hydration, loss of elasticity, loss of tissue tone, skin and hair...
Our products are indicated for advanced age, prevention, sports (external aggressions), young mothers (post-delivery)...