Who we are

In the beginning

Since 1994, we have been one of the French and European specialists formulating and producing dietetic and nutritional products, with particular emphasis on developing proteins and amino acids for nutrition.

Our business

Proteins of a high nutritional value and the amino acids they contain can help to offset the dietary deficiencies experienced by an increasingly large population. Despite being available and widely used, their distribution and use is often unclear due to a lack of communication with the general public and a fear of changing our dietary habits.

Protein helps to build and maintain muscle mass. Protein helps to maintain a normal bone structure. Protein is also a long-lasting source of energy.
It is a MAJOR NUTRIENT to boost vitality!

Protéines végétales, Graines, Petits pois

Our expertise

Research and innovation are an essential part of our approach. They provide the basis for creating solutions to meet the expectations of our customers, prescribers and consumers. To this end, we rely on on-going technological and scientific monitoring, working in partnership with our team of experts and nutritionists.

The search for safe and innovative raw materials is one of our main concerns alongside our aim to produce effective products that taste good.

Laboratoire et chaine de production - Nuviline

Our commitment and our brand

We design and manufacture our products in modern workshops in a rural setting, right at the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region. This is where the Nuviline brand was created from a concept to deliver foods and nutritional products that not only taste good but which complement our modern lifestyles.

Nuviline products contribute to:

  • a healthier diet, possibly with a better balance of vegetable proteins
  • weight loss and control, without losing muscle mass or tone
  • nutrition for athletes
  • anti-ageing nutrition
  • nutritional supplementation for adolescence, convalescence, pregnancy, breast-feeding and retirement ... in short for any person with specific requirements, deficiencies, a lack of energy or who wants to "age well".

Nuviline products are made in France and support local employment.

Our guarantees

Our Nuviline products are all "made in France". They conform to French and European regulations, and their conformity is guaranteed by the application of quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process.

"Our « + » :
Compliance and labelling transparency, scientific advances in nutrition and product efficacy, healthy ingredients, expertise, original recipes and excellent (French) taste!"

Frédéric, food engineer and nutrition expert, co-founder of Nuviline

Where to find us?

Nuviline products are sold exclusively on our website, as well as in pharmacies and specialist partnership shops that share our commitment to promote a consumer-friendly, environmentally friendly, healthy diet and lifestyle.

Want to know more?

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