Beauty & Skin nutrition 

Objective: Improve beauty, anti-ageing prevention

What is nutri-cosmetics ?

Intelligent" and natural nutritional and micro-nutritional solutions, a new generation of beauty products which has an effect from inside the body in order to enhance the external appearance of the skin, hair...

Only in food form (NO capsules, NI tablets) to fit harmoniously into your daily routine.

The + : functional proteins or "premium" ingredients without denaturation, no artificial sweeteners, reduced lactose (details according to each product), rich in amino acids and bioactive molecules (hyaluronic acid...).

  • In response to a functional disorder: appearance of wrinkles, loss of skin hydration, loss of elasticity, loss of tissue tone...
  • For specific needs: convalescence, advancing age, prevention, sports practice, pregnant women and young mothers (post-partum)...

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    Natural marine collagen + hyaluronic acid + natural...

    Natural marine collagen + hyaluronic acid + natural vitamin C, with visible anti-ageing action - glow skin effect, strong hair Highly bioavailable enzymatically hydrolysed marine collagen peptides (=100% protein), dosed at 5 g / day, created via a sustainable development strategy, rigorous manufacturing standards, Made-in-France Hyaluronic acid, obtained

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    White lid with screw closure Graduations + Precautions...

    White lid with screw closure Graduations + Precautions for use

    2,00 €
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