Secure payment

Transactions made on this site are secure

Nous proposons 2 types de plateformes de paiement sécurisé, E-transactions et Paypal.

We offer 2 types of secure payment platforms, E-transactions and Paypal.

When you enter your bank details, you are directly connected to the Crédit Agricole (French bank) payment server. 

In addition, all information exchanged with Crédit Agricole is encrypted using SSL protocol and cannot be intercepted or modified.
With Crédit Agricole's E-transactions payment, you have the guarantee that the merchant with whom you are in contact is registered with Crédit Agricole to collect transactions on the Internet.
At the end of the transaction, and before returning to the merchant's site, Crédit Agricole's E-trasaction presents you with an electronic ticket, including all the elements of the payment and the result of the bank authorization request (transaction accepted or cancelled).

The 3D-Secure Protocol

The 3D-Secure protocol (also called Verified by VisaMasterCard SecureCode ) allows you to benefit from a reinforced protection for your online purchases thanks to an authentication system.

After validating your bank details, a 3D-Secure window managed by your bank will appear. Entering an authentication code, specific to each bank (date of birth, code received by SMS, etc.), will allow you to verify that you are indeed the holder of the card used for the payment. Your payment will be validated and your transaction finalised after confirmation from the bank.

Attention: check at the time of your order that you can receive the authentication SMS

For more information, you can consult the website :

The Paypal system

Like the E-transactions system, PayPal is a secure payment method that allows you to quickly pay for your items without having to enter your bank details.
All you have to do is enter them when you create your PayPal account. They are then encrypted and secured once and for all.
If you already have a PayPal account, you can use it on our site to pay for your purchases quickly and safely.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still choose this payment method. When you pay, you will be directed to a PayPal page where you can enter your bank details [and choose whether or not to create a PayPal account.