Sports nutrition 

Objective: Sports performance & muscle development

Protein-rich meal and snack supplements (high protein) in the form of breakfast or meal preparations, bars, to provide a suitable daily nutritional intake (balance, energy, sport) to achieve your optimum performance.

In compliance with the requirements of anti-doping legislation.

The + : rich in proteins and amino acids - including collagen - controlled in sugars, muscle development, performance, recovery, vegan, gluten-free (details according to each product)

  • Before, during or after your sports session. To help you achieve your sporting goals.
  • While adapting to lifestyles - practicality and having more time for yourself! - and always knowing how to stay greedy.

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    Marine collagène + vitamin C + magnesium, boosting sport...

    Marine collagène + vitamin C + magnesium, boosting sport and performance Highly bioavailable enzymatically hydrolysed marine collagen peptides (=100% protein), dosed at 10 g / day, created via a sustainable development strategy, rigorous manufacturing standards, Made-in-France Magnesium, reduces fatigue and helps to promote normal muscle function Natural

    38,90 €
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    White lid with screw closure Graduations + Precautions...

    White lid with screw closure Graduations + Precautions for use

    2,00 €
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