Through this thematic dossier, we would like to help you better understand the benefits of marine collagen, particularly on the elasticity of the skin and the improvement of joints
First of all, we will define what is marine collagen and what are the different types of collagen, for example, type I, type II, etc.

Before going into the details of the benefits, we will study what are the roles of collagen in the body?

Collagen is a predominant protein in the body, forming an integral part of connective tissue.
Unfortunately, its production decreases with age. To compensate for this, a supplement of a few grams per day is recommended.

Benefits for the skin

Many women are prone to cellulite, can marine collagen supplementation help fight orange peel skin?

The other advantages of taking collagen in the form of a powdered food supplement:

For sport, a real plus to limit joint pain, discover our dedicated article, collagen peptides, an ally in muscle building

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