Pure marine collagen peptides 

Our range of marine collagen peptides is derived from fish from responsible aquaculture and certified non-GMO, without fat, carbohydrates or sugar and without preservatives.
It is easily digestible by the body and comes in the form of a powder to be incorporated as a supplement in a large number of everyday preparations.
An additional supply of bioactive collagen peptides - rich in the key amino acids of the type I collagen constitution - helps to stimulate and revive the human body's own collagen metabolism.

Indeed, the body's own collagen production decreases by 1.5% per year from the age of 25.
Moreover, today's diet often prefers lean meat without bones or cartilage, and therefore a lower consumption of external collagen.
This leads globally to a loss of tissue tone (joints, muscles, skin, etc.), joint pain (arthritis) and skin ageing (wrinkles).

Hence the interest in regular supplementation (daily dose) of marine collagen to relieve painful joints, improve muscle strength and regain firmness and good hydration of the skin.

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    Ingredient 100% natural marine collagen powder,...

    Ingredient 100% natural marine collagen powder, enzymatically hydrolysed peptides (=100% protein) Provides pure and highly bioavailable marine collagen Dose: 10 g = 1 scoop per day > i.e. 1 jar lasts 1 month 2-, 3- or 4-month course of treatment (2, 3 or 4 jars) to be repeated if necessary Created via a sustainable development strategy, rigorous

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    White lid with screw closure Graduations + Precautions...

    White lid with screw closure Graduations + Precautions for use

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