Collagen is a protein naturally present in the human body. It helps to maintain the skin with a significant anti-sagging effect. It also improves joint health. Aging leads to a progressive decrease in the quantity of collagen in the tissues, which explains why they are less well hydrated and thinner. To compensate for this reduction, it is now possible to use supplements enriched with marine collagen.

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Marine collagen: what is it?

There are different types of collagen in the human body.

  • Type I collagen is the most abundant. It is found in the skin, tendons and bone tissue.
  • Type II collagen is found in cartilage.
  • Type III collagen is abundant in muscles and vessel walls.

Marine collagen is made from proteins found in the skin of saltwater fish such as cod or salmon. Its amino acid composition is very similar to that of human collagen and is of great interest in skin care.

Indeed, due to the very processes used to create it, it has a very high bioavailability and is perfectly assimilated by the intestines. Marine collagen supplements are the result of a complex manufacturing process known as hydrolysis. This is carried out using fish scales, bones and skin. All the substances of marine origin are broken down during the process and make centrifugation possible for the collagen, which is then transformed into marine collagen hydrolysate.

The benefits of marine collagen for joints and skin

Collagen is an essential component of tendons, ligaments and cartilage, and can cause joint pain when its concentration decreases. This problem can be overcome by taking supplements rich in marine collagen. Thanks to them, the joints remain supple and the painful sensations are reduced. Not only that, but bone density improves, especially in the vertebrae and the neck of the femur. This is a real health benefit for women who, as they age, may suffer from osteoporosis and/or arthritis.

Marine collagen has a strong antioxidant power. It helps the skin to regenerate, retain its moisture and keep its firmness. It is a precious anti-wrinkle ally. It acts essentially in a preventive way. What does this mean? To take advantage of its many benefits, don’t hesitate to start taking cures from the age of 30 or 40 and to combine it with hyaluronic acid. The combination of the two is intensely hydrating.

How to choose between different marine collagen supplements?

Marine collagen is available in several forms. You can find it in cream, capsules, and even in powder form. The latter allows you to add it to drinks or preparations of your choice.

If you want to improve the appearance of your skin, using a cream enriched with marine collagen is an excellent idea, but for a more general improvement of your condition, i.e. to influence the skin tissues as well as the joints and the painful sensations they can cause, it is better to opt for a food supplement based on marine collagen hydrolysate.

These supplements are presented in the form of hydrolysed peptides which have a very low molecular weight. Their action is particularly effective, especially with regard to accelerating the cellular renewal of tissues, especially connective tissues, and their biocompatibility is astonishing. They melt easily in the human body.

Where to buy marine collagen and how to use it?

Whether in the form of cream, capsules or powder, it is quite easy to find marine collagen supplements. Pharmacies, parapharmacies, but also the Internet list many products.

In order to benefit from all the advantages of this protein, we advise you to use it in the form of cures. These cures must last between two and three months and must be carried out with a high quality marine collagen. Available in powder form, it is perfect for obtaining the recommended daily dose of 10 grams.

Indispensable for the proper functioning of many tissues, collagen is a well of youth. In order to limit the effects of its reduction, nothing beats marine collagen. It promotes better cell renewal, hydrates and softens in depth. Thanks to it, age becomes softer.