On the one hand, the role of collagen in tissues is to give them cohesion, support and strength.

On the other hand, supported by the action of hyaluronic acid, collagen has the capacity to retain water and thus give the skin resistance, suppleness and elasticity. It is this capacity that it is interesting to preserve with advancing age, since collagen production naturally decreases from the age of 25.

However, our traditional diet is increasingly low in collagen. In fact, we eat, wrongly, less fatty meats, bone or cartilage based dishes which are naturally rich in collagen.

Also, a contribution in external collagen makes it possible to correct the deficiency in collagen and thus to ensure the repair and regeneration of tissues and organs, to guarantee them an optimal structure thanks to its properties of hydration, flexibility and elasticity. A collagen supply is both a help in combating joint pain and in improving the quality and appearance of the skin.
Overall, it helps to combat the signs of ageing.