Present in a very important way at the level of the framework of the bone, tendons and cartilages, collagen makes it possible to give solidity and resistance to the movements and physical solicitations of the body.

With time, wear and tear sets in and collagen deteriorates.
The natural reduction in collagen production observed from the age of 25 means that collagen is repaired less and less over the years.
Other factors increase this reduction, collagen is sensitive to excess sugar, and in particular to glycation (AGE, Advanced-glycation-Endproducts). Advanced glycation products or AGEs are compounds resulting from the reaction between sugar and protein residues.
Elderly people have various health problems linked to this loss of collagen, for example: osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, ageing of tissues (wrinkles).
This advancing age explains the loss of flexibility in the joints and even joint pain with loss of mobility.

marine collagen for joints

Here too, supplementation studies of the order of 10 g per day with a neutral powder of collagen hydrolysate in the form of bioavailable peptides have shown a significant increase in bone density. By providing the body with collagen, we once again encourage the stimulation of endogenous synthesis (that produced by the body itself), which enables the reconstitution of bone.

In addition to a healthy diet and thanks to a supplementation of marine collagen peptides, the joint tissues are reconstituted, replacing those that deteriorate over time. Positive effects on joint comfort, on the mobility of the joints as soon as the pain diminishes, have also been observed in sportsmen and women whose performance is often diminished due to painful joint phenomena.

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