Collagen is on all fronts today. It is all the rage in cardiology, rheumatology, cosmetics and even nutrition. Zoom in on a promising active ingredient full of benefits.

Collagen: an essential protein

Collagen has been known for many years for its cosmetic properties. It is commonly used as an anti-ageing agent, in combination with hyaluronic acid, to improve the appearance of skin tissue and help fill in wrinkles and fine lines.

This protein also occurs naturally in the body and is one of the essential components of connective tissue. Ligament, bone, cartilage, vessel, skin: it brings them elasticity and resistance, because it is rich in nutrients and amino acids. It acts in depth and can limit the appearance of pain in the joints.

Recent research tends to prove that, taken in the form of a dietary supplement of marine collagen, derived from the skin, scales and bones of fish, this protein would also have an effect on weight loss and the maintenance of a good muscle mass.

It can now be found in the form of hydrolysed collagen, collagen hydrolysate or collagen peptides. These powders can be easily incorporated into food or preparations, as they do not have a strong taste. As a treatment, they help to correct the deficiencies in college that occur with ageing. This protein tends to disappear over the years, which leads to sagging tissue and poor general hydration, as collagen retains water.

marine collagen weight loss

The benefits of collagen for weight loss

The role of protein is important in helping to lose or maintain a healthy weight. Collagen is a protein and therefore has a role to play, as it will help maintain muscles in good condition while reducing the increase in fat mass.

In the form of hydrolysed collagen, it is of increasing interest to nutritionists. When combined with other proteins and a controlled diet, it helps regulate food intake and will promote weight loss, while acting to maintain good muscle quality.

It allows the growth of lean mass and will act to progressively reduce the reserve mass, i.e. the fat mass. It is for this reason that collagen supplementation has a positive effect on cellulite and generally helps to progressively erase dimples.

The interest of marine collagen lies in its versatility. This key element for the skin, when taken in capsule form, acts from the inside. It prevents skin slackening, fills in wrinkles, tightens the skin tissue and reduces stretch marks. It is an essential part of a slimming diet, as it preserves muscle mass and works to harmonise the whole body. The skin does not stretch, it retains its elasticity and regains its firmness.

Choosing the right collagen

There are two types of collagen on the market. One comes from cattle, the other from fish. According to specialists, marine collagen, which is obtained from the bones, scales and skin of fish, is better assimilated by the body. It is therefore more interesting.

This active ingredient exists in various forms. Capsule, tablet, powder, shot, cream, serum: everyone can choose the galenic form that suits them best. Externally, collagen improves skin tissue, but internally, it has a much broader action and can help to lose weight, promote sports performance and limit the onset of joint pain and arthritis.

To benefit from the many advantages of marine collagen, you must take a daily dose of 5 to 10 grams. It is useless to take more. This intake must be supplemented with other proteins found in quality meat, fish or legumes. Their combined action, their contribution in vitamins, minerals and various acids allow a better synthesis of collagen.

Combined with a quality diet and regular physical activity, a collagen food supplement will therefore facilitate weight loss while maintaining the general health of the body and more particularly that of the connective tissues and the dermis.

Fat-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, colouring-free, allergen-free, collagen capsules are very well tolerated and allow those who want to slim down to do so naturally and without taking any risk to their health. The secret is to combine them with other active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, sport and sufficient water intake.