You are in great shape. It is therefore unfortunate that you experience joint pain during certain movements that result in a loss of mobility. You think that these inflammatory pains are due to age and normal. Your doctor’s diagnosis is often clear: it is osteoarthritis.
After having defined what osteoarthritis is, we are going to explain to you how marine collagen can help to relieve this pain.

What is osteoarthritis?

It is a common condition, with more than 70% of people over the age of 60 suffering from it.

This joint disease generally starts earlier and the first symptoms can appear around the age of 40-50.

Osteoarthritis is the result of an imbalance between the production of cartilage that covers the bones in the joints and its breakdown. When the bones touch each other, stiffness and then locking occurs.

Risk factors for osteoarthritis

Some have been identified:

  • Age, overweight
  • Repeated trauma, such as can be found in sportsmen and women or in people doing hard work
  • Genetic: familial osteoarthritis may be noted

Mechanisms of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis can affect the knees, fingers, spine, hips, shoulders, etc.

This degeneration leads to a more or less rapid destruction of the cartilage, often accompanied by inflammatory phenomena. The signs vary depending on the area concerned. However, in all cases it is a very painful condition with more or less significant discomfort in movement since the mobility of the joint is limited.

This deteriorating cartilage is a connective tissue composed of water, proteoglycan cells and collagen fibres. Collagen is therefore an essential component naturally present in all the structures of the body, in the joints but also in the skin. It is a protein that ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of tissues.
Unfortunately, this collagen diminishes with age.

joint diagram with or without arthrosis

cartilage compositionHow to fight osteoarthritis? (or which treatments for osteoarthritis?)

Don’t wait until you feel that your joints are completely rusty and painful when you wake up!

A good diet is essential!

Think about reviewing your daily diet. In particular, drastically reduce your consumption of sugars and sweet products (soda, cakes, white bread, etc.). These acidify the body and aggravate the destruction of cartilage. At the same time, it is a good idea to include a good proportion of vegetables in your diet. Steamed or braised vegetables will ensure that the mineral content is maintained. These minerals, such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, help to alkalise the body and reduce damage to the joints and bones.

To combat this defection, excellent results have been obtained after consumption of natural collagen in subjects suffering from osteoarthritis. The amino acids that make up this major protein have the advantage of being highly bioavailable when they are in the form of peptides hydrolysed from natural foods. They are not drugs or other chemicals. They are a supplement to the usual diet.

Collagen supplementation, an effective solution for your joint health

The mechanisms of action of collagen in supplementation on the joints are still poorly explained. However, in vitro studies suggest that it could stimulate the formation of collagen by the body and thus contribute to reducing joint stress and pain.

The supply of natural marine collagen in a highly bioavailable form of hydrolysed peptides is a food of high scientific level which allows it to be well absorbed by the body. Its targeted objective is to reinforce the action of collagen naturally present in the joints and skin. It therefore has several « body wellness » actions by facilitating movements and maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of the joints. It slows down the ravages of time by restoring the tone and vitality of the skin to fight against the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles.

If it comes from responsible aquaculture, you are assured of its quality and safety of formulation according to rigorous manufacturing standards.

Lactose-free, with no added sugar, it has the advantage that it can be consumed by people with intolerance and/or diabetes.

A powdered food form and a neutral flavour allow many possibilities to consume it and to associate it to one’s daily diet.

In a 1-month course of treatment to be repeated, a dietary supplement rich in marine collagen will enable bodies suffering from joint pain to regain tone and mobility, and mature or damaged skin to regain elasticity and firmness.

You should preferably take it in the evening, as repairs in the body are optimised at night during sleep.

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